Thankful Friend Thursday

He who throws stones at birds drives them away, and he who insults a friend breaks up the friendship.   -Sirach 22:20

I've been slack on my postings here. Had major surgery and was not in the mood to share. Think pain!!! I did however, start a new habit during Lent of reading my Bible each morning before I get out of bed. Even if it's 2 verses. Every little bit helps ��! Normally, most people give up something for Lent, but I was giving up the same things each year which somehow didn't seem right for me. So I flip the switch and added new habits that are good for my well being during Lent. So I dusted off my Bible and began to read. My day seems more enjoyable and I'm more relaxed and thankful because of the wisdom in these pages. I will admit, there are some books I don't understand and some that are a little violent. However, most are treasures.

Back th the verse above. I wrote this in my journal and thought this would be good to share. It's about friendships and how we must not take the friendship(s) for granted. I know there are different kinds of friendships that are just for a season. I'm talking about the real friend(s) that stick by you know matter what. If you really look at your relationships, you know who they are. I have many friends but I have one true friend for sure.

I hope you have friends that you cherish and that cherish you.

Best regards!


Awesome Thought for Today #3

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Awesome Thought for Today #1

Such great advice to place where you can see it every day! 
Happy Thursday!

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Happy Holidays!

It's Christmas Eve. Many children around the World are waiting for Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Sinter Klass or Kris Kringle (Names for Santa Around the World) or whatever the name you identify with to come and bring presents in the dead of the night. When you think about it, Christmas and New Year's are wonderful ways to end the year. Good cheer, family gatherings, parties and reflections on the coming year. We won't talk about the resolutions.

I often attend Midnight Mass at church. The choir sings a melody of Christmas songs before the Mass begins. The church is beautiful decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths and pointsettias. Everyone is in the spirit. The church is packed celebrating the birth of Jesus!

I wish everyone Happy Holidays enjoying the gift of family and friends and most of all love.

Gracie Hampton


Thought for Today

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